2018 Complete Encyclopedia of African American History – Includes eBook

2017 Edition of the Complete Encyclopedia of African American HistoryThe Complete Encyclopedia of African American History – 2018 Edition

Introduction: Our new publication showcases the pride, struggle and triumph through consequential events and people, covering milestones and challenges met, while highlighting the considerable contributions African Americans have made to the fabric of American society and culture.

It provides insights on – and inspiration from – the influence and impact of African Americans on the United States in a broad range of endeavors from politics, education, religion, business, science, medicine, the military, sports, literature, music, dance, theater, art, film, television, and more.

Volume 1: 400 Years of Achievement
Four centuries of noteworthy accomplishments are presented through a fascinating mix of biographies, including more than 750 influential figures.
Volume 2: Notable Firsts
Contains an exceptional listing of the accomplishments of black Americans in the arts, business, education, the military, medicine and science, and sports.
Volume 3: Heroes and Heroines
An eclectic mix of profiles for 150 well-known and lesser-known individuals, who have made a lasting and profound impact on our culture.
Volume 4: Civil Rights Feats and Facts
Details the important people, places and events of the black struggle for freedom – from the early 1600’s right up to 2016.

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The Complete Encyclopedia of African American History
4 Deluxe Hardcover Volumes – Copyright 2017
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