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Praise for past editions of The Complete Encyclopedia of African American History

Volume One: 400 Years of Achievements

“Starred Review: affordable, concise, and overall first-rate resource … Editor’s Choice: Reference Sources.” – Booklist

“Through historical overviews and hundreds of biographies, Bracks thoughtfully illuminates ‘a legacy of pride, struggle and triumph’ that is part of the Black experience in the U.S.” – Choice

“Excellent overview of African American contributions to the United States.” – Library Journal

Volume Two: Notable Firsts

“Invaluable resource of African American achievements updates the previous edition. Recommended for anyone from elementary-school age to adults who are interested in African American history.” – Booklist

“The well-researched sketches provide a great deal of information. This is an excellent resource for starting research on Black history … the lesser known figures make the title worth digging into.” – Library Journal

Volume Three: Heroes and Heroines

“Brimming with information and more than 200 photographs, Black Heroes will intrigue and inspire all those who seek to know more about our nation’s history.” – Atlanta Metro

“A classic guide.” – Oklahoma City Oklahoman

Volume Four: Civil Rights Feats and Facts

“Written in vivid and accessible style, this encyclopedia is highly recommended for high school, public, and community college libraries, where it will serve students well. Recent encyclopedias on African American history are usually scholarly, pricey, multi-volume sets. This, on the other hand, is an inexpensive and unique effort that does equally well in libraries as it does in bookstores.” – Library Journal

“An important addition to Black History Month booklists. From the early abolitionists to the presidential nomination of Barack Obama, the authors have gathered easy-to-read articles on the essential people, places, and events of the Black struggle for freedom.” – School Library Journal

“Hundreds of entries describe in detail the important people, dates, events, and places of the African American experience. This reference work is very beneficial to students completing research and useful for all ages.” – YOYA

The Complete Encyclopedia of African American History
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