Cultural Diversity: Every Race Has Made Important Contributions

cultural diversityCultural diversity is based on the idea that cultural identities should not be discarded or ignored, but rather maintained and valued. The foundation of this belief is that every culture and race has made a substantial contribution to our history.

Many people remain opposed to the idea of multiculturalism or cultural diversity awareness. Others often support it but have no clear idea of how it should be taught.

Oftentimes we leave this difficult task up to our local schools and teachers, It is often classified under the catch-all phrase of “multicultural education.” We assume that during February our children will learn about “Black History” and in March about “Women’s History.”

A particular month or week is dedicated to a certain ethnic group or belief, as if this somehow acknowledges their full contribution to American history. Yet this can often be as divisive as it is informative.

If U.S. history is taught year round and February is “Black History Month,” then the logical assumption is that African American history and achievements are often overlooked during the normal school year. Or, that other cultures are somehow ignored during February.

Cultural Diversity in the United States

The cultural diversity of the United States is truly astounding. Many different ethnic and cultural groups have contributed to the social, economic and cultural values of our society.

This has also been the case throughout our history, even though many of our school books have not always taught that fact. The very idea that cultural diversity should be taught has only been promoted in the last few years.

When we fully recognize that America is great because of the contributions of the many, then we as a people will be even more united in our common goals, and even more proud to be American citizens. ♦