What is Cultural Diversity?

cultural diversityCultural diversity is based on the belief that every culture and race has made a contribution to American history. Cultural diversity education can help each of us better understand other groups of people.

Many people are opposed to the idea of cultural diversity education. Others often support it but have no clear idea how it should be taught.

We often leave the difficult task of teaching cultural diversity up to our local schools and teachers. We assume that during February students will learn about Black history and in March about women’s history. But is only one month each year really enough to detail their full contribution to American history?

If U.S. history is taught year round, then many assume that African American history is overlooked during the normal school year. Or, that other cultures are somehow ignored during Black History month in February. Both of these facts are sad but often true.

Cultural Diversity in the United States

The truth is that many different ethnic and racial groups have contributed to the values of our society. This has certainly been true throughout our history, although many of our school books have not always taught that fact. The belief that cultural diversity should be taught has only been promoted in the last few years.

The bottom line is that we need to recognize that America is great because of the contributions of us all. When we do that, we will be even more proud to be American citizens. ♦